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12 of 169 Items

Our earrings for stretched ear lobe piercings, made in organic wood, buffalo bone, and buffalo horn. Beautiful, lightweight natural hand carved gauge size earrings and body jewelry in deep hues of nature. Great for stretched lobes and sensitive skin.

Earrings for stretched lobes made in wood, bone and horn. These gauge earrings are lightweight, and great for sensitive ears and people whose ears have stretched over time either naturally or purposefully. Handmade and natural, unique designs, and the perfect fix.

One-of-a-kind designs, our earrings for stretched lobes are the solution.

Our beautiful collection of earrings for stretched piercings, made in natural exotic wood, buffalo horn and bone. If your ear lobes have stretched over time by chance or intentionally, these are for you.

Made of wood, bone, and horn, our earrings for stretched lobes are lightweight and ideal for people with sensitive ears or whose ears have naturally or purposefully stretched over time.